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Dukan Diet Drinks

Whilst on the Dukan Diet you may drink up to 3 cans of diet soda (diet coke etc) per day, however mineral water (or tap water) should form the main body of hydration (try to drink at least 1.5 liters per day). Flavored water should be viewed with caution, if it contains more than 7g or sugar per 100ml you should avoid it. Although healthy, fruit juice is not allowed due to the sugar content.

Fat free milk is nutritious and fits the bill perfectly, however it does contain calories so don’t drink gallons of it.  Tea and coffee can be taken with fat free milk and artificial sweeteners if required, drink as much as you like. Green tea is an excellent choice due it containing antioxidents, herbal teas come in an endless array of flavors and are all allowed.

During the Attack and Cruise phases alcohol is not permitted (unless you’re cooking with it), after then the occasional small glass of wine is ok (occasional really does mean occasional). There are 3 important reasons for limiting alcohol consumption whilst on the Dukan Diet

  • drinking alcohol can have a devastating effect on your motivation for losing weight
  • during a high protein diet the liver is under additional strain, we don’t want to add to that by drinking alcohol
  • many alcoholic drinks contain lots of sugar/calories

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